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05 April 2012

The Effect of the F-Word on Teenage Eardrums

The Bully Rating Controversy and the Effect of the F-Word on Teenage Eardrums

Most people can agree that the topics the film Bully investigates are worthy issues to discuss.  Although, the method of doing so is where the a line begins to form, whether it's within the disagreement of what the film should be rated to the language that is used.  In this article, a study was actually performed on youth around ages 13-17 and a correlation between the f-bomb and responses of eardrums.  Most of these kids had little exposure to explicit language, violence or nudity and in fact, one 17 year old had never even previously seen a nipple.  Over a period of time they were tested and exposed to vulgar language through watching films and noted on their behavioral changes.  This behavioral change or increase in violence is understandable to me, but what was really over-the-top was that these studies suggest that teenage eardrums suffer explosions after being exposed to the f-word.  Although, apparently when Tess Lynch, the author of this article, asked for the documentation of this research,

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